A Love That Never Ceases

Today I'm honored to be sharing a guest post over at (in)courage!

Three years ago I hit my lowest point. I was on staff at a church and in school to become a teacher. I was heading into a summer of decorating wedding cakes for several friends. I owned a cute little house and lived alone with my doggie. And I had a Savior who I had learned a lot about over the previous five years as a Christian.

It seemed like I had it all. Then depression struck in a way that changed everything.

I remember one night so clearly. Driving home from work, crying my eyes out for the first time in years. Being in so much anguish I didn’t think I’d make it. Feeling the messiness of emotions being stirred. Brokenness from long ago that I didn’t want to deal with. Desperation. Hopelessness.

I sank even lower the next two nights...

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