just enough.

Some days just feel like too much. 

Not enough sleep. 

A head too full of thoughts. 

Not enough energy to be a part.  

Unwillingness to fight for being with people. 

The silence feels relieving and yet not really peaceful. 

I've done what I can. 

Made the right choices where I could. 

Grieved in my heart and prayed for unselfishness. 

Emotion is not the enemy. 

Struggles are not a sign of getting it all wrong. 

And then the presence of one of my children in my office. 

My desk piled high with chaos. 

My retreat from the outside noise and busyness. 

No words, just being. 

The sound of books being pulled off my shelf and pages turning. 

His peaceful reading in the yellow chair. 

A bit of calm. 

A small moment. 

Tears at the back of my eyes. 


Small, simple joy. 

It's just enough.


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