There is beauty in grace.

Last Saturday I went hiking with Greg.

Along the edge of the path were these teeny tiny little white flowers.

Not many green things had made their way through yet, but I noticed these little guys springing up.

They were so subtle that I almost missed them.

But once I found them along the path, and sometimes in the path, I told Greg to be careful.

They were so small, but so beautiful.

We had to be careful, I didn't want to trample them.

Tonight I'm feeling small. 

Tonight I feel lost in a world with little color.

Tonight anxiety is thick in a time that should be full of nothing but overflowing joy.

I don't always do well with crowds.

I don't always do well being surrounded by people.

I don't always see truth instead of being led astray by lies.

Tomorrow is my bridal shower.

Tomorrow should be a day to celebrate with women that love me dearly.

Tomorrow feels full of fear of anxiety taking over and me not being enough of what I want to be.

My prayer is for grace.

My prayer is for a bit of what that flower has.

My prayer is for courage and strength and joy.

To be able to stand tall along the path.

To be able to be all that I am.

To be able to exhibit beauty in even the smallest forms.

There is beauty in simplicity.

There is beauty in perseverance.

There is beauty in grace.


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