Looking down at the trail...

I was reminded of a lesson I learned once while hiking...

When the trail is rough and rugged, it's okay to look down. It's important to focus on each step you take.

There could be beauty all around you, but you have to stop to enjoy it. You can't keep walking or you might fall.

There's a time to look up, but there's also a time to look down. You can't get to the magnificent view, if you don't carefully trudge through the mud and difficult footing.

You just might fall and get dirty, but usually the view is worth it. Usually the experience is worth it. Not always, but usually. It depends on which path you are on.

But the choice is always there. You can move forward or turn back. 

And when you look down at the trail you can't get the full picture. But that's okay. There are small treasures to be found. But they can get lost if you only look up.

Sometimes I can look up and see the big picture. Sometimes I have to look down to trudge through the difficult path. Some days I can feel the warmth of the sunshine. Some days I have to trust that the sunshine will be back.

It can be beautiful to walk in the rain. It can also be cold and miserable. It just depends. 

It doesn't just apply to hiking...

There are moments. The dark ones don't change the joyous ones. It's all a part of the journey. 

And when the going is rough, you just might have to look down in order to take the next step.

The view will be worth it when it's time to look up again.


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