A Reminder

Sometimes some things come in the perfect timing.

Some days life feels weighty.

It's crazy how my mood can change so fast.

It is nice to be reminded.

~ . ~ . ~

I have a thing for words. Lots of them. Usually all at once. If you've spent any amount of time getting to know me at all, you'll learn very quickly that I talk a lot. When I write it's much of the same. Lots of words. Long, descriptive stories to tell.

After a lifetime of being quiet, it's nice. It feels nice to have a voice. To know I have something worth saying.

But I also appreciate little moments. Little things that mean bigger things.

Maybe that can work in writing. Leave more room to breathe.

~ . ~ . ~

It's nice to be reminded that I am loved. That I have a place in this world.

It's easy for me to get lost in this burdensome mind of mine.

So much of my life is going great. I have more joy than I ever could have expected.

But there are still times that a shadow is cast on my mood. Old ways of thinking take a long time to die.

~ . ~ . ~

I'm thankful for the friends placed in my life. The heart that is exceedingly glad.

A card that radiates more than my words can express.

Glitter that brings the sparkle of light that I need.

A reminder of my exceeding joy.

The One that is not absent in darkness.


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